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Mosquito natural remedies to keep them away! Summer is here and that usually means mosquitoes. Sleepless night listening to the buzzing, itchy bites and don’t forget the nasty diseases they cause. Here are some easy Natural remedies to keep Mosquitoes away


Mosquito nets:  is the most safest and effective way but not always the most practical. Lets face it you cant mosquito net the whole house.

Camphor: lighting camphor inside a room and then leaving it for 15 minutes can kill mosquitoes in the house.

Garlic: Garlic water, yes, Garlic.  Mosquitoes hate it’s pungent smell. Crush some garlic and boil it water and then spray it in your house.

Mint oil: again Mosquitoes hate its strong smell and it much nice than garlic smell. Spray mint oil around your house and say bye-bye to mosquitoes.

If you are unfortunate to be bitten, dab some organic tea tree oil over the bite. For more detail see

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