Spectrum Herbal The Natural Alternative

Why Liquid Remedies?

Traditionally herbs have always been administered in this safe and easy form to be absorbed into the bloodstream for a quick and effective result. Particularly useful when treating infants, children and for persons who find it difficult to swallow tablets, capsules or powders.

When dosage is administered as directed, a nutrient reaction occurs, assisting the ailing body’s innate desire to heal itself. The main volume of the Remedies, the Herbal Tinctures and Extracts inject a concentration of specific nutrients such as vitamins, minerals etc., which are required by the body’s chemistry in order to re-establish harmony and balance

Why Choose Spectrum Herbal?

These unique, natural medicines have been clinically proven over 30 years. We were the world’s first complete range of herbal remedies– working together with nature to treat common health conditions without side effects so that you can get the balance you require. Our original formulas speak for themselves; they are the most effective natural liquid formulas available for you and your family’s health today.

Wild crafted and organically grown herbs are used whenever possible. Liquid remedies are easily absorbed into the bloodstream for a quick and effective result.

Herbal medicine has been used successfully for thousands of years across many cultures, with a profound transformation of health being achieved. Combinations of tinctures and extracts are used, which feed the physical body and give cells the concentrated nutrition required to reverse disease conditions.

Spectrum promotes optimal health through  using our natural products, and giving you and your family the hope of better health. We believe that wellness requires balance; a holistic approach to ensure that your body, mind and spirit are in synchronicity.

Please note: Our remedies are homoeopathic strength. Homoeopathic medicines are not supported by the TGA