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Child Dose,  the most accurate method is to treat by weight of the child rather than their age.
So to use this method, begin by weighing your child, in light indoor clothing is ok (no shoes though!).

If your child’s weight is LESS than 30kg
Multiply their weight by 2.
This gives the % of the ADULT dose to give your child.
If your child weighs 29 kg, then 29 x 2 = 58
So the dose is 58% of the adult dose…. which is around 60% (just over half the adult dose).

If your child’s weight is MORE than 30kg
Add their weight + 30.
This gives the % of the ADULT dose
If your child weighs 42 kg, then 42 + 30 = 72
So the dose is 72% of the adult dose….
Making this into a dose of 70 % would be perfectly fine!

Hints to make it easier if your child won’t take the remedy because of the taste

Try giving the remedy in their favourite juice or add it to a spoon of honey.

Ad a few drops Stevia to sweeten it bit.
Another idea which many parents swear by, is making jelly cubes (Jello for American friends) with the herb dose in each one:
Mix up some their favourite jelly. Make it a bit stronger flavoured than normal. 
Pour this strong jelly mix into an ice cube tray.

Wait till the hot jelly mix cools to room temperature. 
In each separate cube, add the child’s single dose amount of drops
e.g. if your child needs a 5 drop dose 4 times per day, put 5 drops into each cube
Put in the fridge to set.
Give one set jelly cube each time its dosing time.
Please call us if we can be of further help. 

a couple of good natural recipes you can try 

Home made Jelly

Jelly with Honey and fruit pieces