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Tao Aromatheropy

Life Force Within

At Spectrum, we believe that the way of balance in life cannot be expressed in words, but in how you conduct yourself day to day. “The Way that can be explained in words is not the true Way,” is the first line of Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching) text, the most important in Taoism. Connecting with yourself and those around you is vital to your well-being and helps you to achieve a deeper understanding of yourself and balance with the universe.

Massage therapy is extremely beneficial for connecting with yourself and is a healthy way to renew your energy. Aromatherapy in combination with massage has a powerful, therapeutic effect that is holistic – mind, body and spirit. The restorative nature of giving and receiving massage using these products can provide a multitude of benefits for both parties. The yin and yang symbol in the Tao Aromassage logo is recognized as representing interconnected and interdependent contrary forces which interact to form a greater whole.

Aromatherapy and massage improve the health of your immune system by acting as an immuno-stimulant and increasing the body’s ability to fight off any infections, reviving mind and body. Massage also promotes circulation and blood flow and allows you to rest, breathe and become grounded.

Somebody once told us, “That people are either moving away from harmony or towards it.”

We hope Tao Aromassage will promote your sense of harmony within yourself and with those around you.