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Hay Fever

Hay Fever Wrap, by Heath John, very funny and only Hay Fever suffers can relate to. Currently there are affects 3.6 million Australians effected by Hay fever, that is 1 in 6 Australian sneezing they way through spring.

Hay Fever is not just runny nose, itchy & watery eyes, sneezing, sinus headaches; it can impact on your sleep, limit social activities and make you less productive.

I had to laugh when I head Dr. Mohammed Jamil Khan saying the best way to avoid flareups is to avoid inhaling pollen. Might as well take a one way trip to Mars, love that TV add.

A scary report out of England released by Kwik Fit insurance; 1 in 5 drivers taking hay fever medication (out of 2002 people interviewed) had been involved in an accident due to the side effects of the drug. Half the surveyed said that hay fever medication made them drowsy.

An alternate to adopting some kind of full-body coverage for the duration of Spring to keep those pesky allergens away, without side effects, try this natural hay fever remedy. As a allergy suffer myself, I always have it on hand. I have no fear of allergy season any more.