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Bergamont Fragrance Oil


Bergamot is a subtle, complex fragrance. Sweet, floral, sour and bitter. Bergamot is highly regarded for its adaptability and is frequently paired with lavender, thyme, rosemary, lemon and orange.

A fragrance is probably the most important part of any consumer product we buy and can be the point of difference between your product and the competition. A fragrance can evoke memories or create a mood so whatever your application our development team can take traditional perfumery methods, combined with our modern facilities to make your next fragrance. Using a modern and traditional palette of ingredients let your next fragrance be inspiring, sophisticated, memorable and economical.

This oil Can be used for Soap/Candle , Diffuses, Cosmetics & Fine Fragrance, Pharmaceutical, Detergents, Body Care, Cleaning Products.

This is a concentrated oil and only requires a small amount, use sparingly.

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